Top 10 reasons to register for HTC-15 today!

HTC-15 is almost here! And if you haven’t already registered, here’s a list of our top 10 reasons you should do so immediately:

  1. The brilliant separation science: The conference programme speaks for itself  – three days of great talks, posters, vendor exhibits, and all your favourite separation scientists under one (historic) roof.
  2. The outstanding plenary lectures: Prof Peter Schoenmakers, Prof Rob Beynon, Prof Tuulia Hyotylainen, and Dr Eric Little will all be presenting plenary lectures, and we still haven’t mentioned our Knox Medal winner…
  3. The 2017 Knox Memorial Lecture (Prof Peter Myers!!!): As you may have heard, Prof Peter Myers was awarded the 2017 Knox Medal, and will be opening the conference with a plenary lecture entitled Why do we still use silica?, which we expect will be the usual scientific tour de force that we’ve come to expect of him.
  4. The short courses: Three day-long short courses on SFC, biopharms and statistical analysis of chromatographic data, all led by experts and innovators in these fields.
  5. The excellent posters: Poster presentations are a great way to discuss new research with the scientists who produced it, and HTC-15 has some great new research on show at the poster sessions. You can still submit late-breaking poster abstracts here.
  6. The fabulous early-career researchers: The 24 ECR talks and many ECR posters are a heartening reminder that separation science continues to attract the best and brightest talent.
  7. The vendor exhibits and seminars: Hear the latest news from all the big vendors and see how their products can help you do better science. And if that isn’t enough, cough vendor freebies cough.
  8. The networking opportunities: A gala conference dinner, a beer degustation event, and all those coffee breaks between sessions – that’s plenty of time to strike up a conversation with that researcher you always meant to collaborate with, that ECR who you think would make a great new addition to your institution, or that keynote speaker whose work has always inspired you.
  9. The venue: Did we mention that the venue is the historic, beautiful Cardiff City Hall, in the middle of the Welsh capital, home to this castle and this museum and this market? And that Great Western Railway offers discounted rail tickets to anyone travelling to Cardiff for a conference?
  10. The fact that you really really want to: because HTC-15 is the premier analytical conference in the UK in 2018, and because reasons 1-9 are very persuasive. So don’t wait, register now!