Calling all ECRs: apply for an SSG travel bursary to attend HTC-16 in Ghent

The 16th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Separation Technology (HTC-16) will be taking place in Ghent from the 29th to the 31st of January, 2020). The conference is being organised by the Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV) and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Separation Science Group (SSG). The conference is organised every other year, and focuses on state-of-the-art developments in separation technologies and hyphenated techniques. In three parallel sessions over a total of three days, leading researchers from academia and industry will be presenting plenary lectures, keynote lectures, tutorials, oral and poster-flash presentations, on fundamental and practical aspects of LC and GC, including UHPLC-MS, 2D-LC, GC(×GC)-MS, and SFC.

The HTC conferences have always actively promoted and encouraged the participation of early-career researchers (ECRs) and young scientists, with one of the parallel sessions entirely devoted to ECR presentations. The SSG will be offering several travel bursaries for ECRs (including PhD students) to attend HTC-16. Each bursary will cover registration fees for the conference, though additional funds to cover associated travel costs may be made available in November and will be announced via the SSG website.

To be considered for the travel bursary, the ECR (defined as an individual within 10 years of their first degree or industrial post) must be a member of the RSC, and submit a completed application form to Dr Lee Williams ( and Dr Arundhuti Sen ( by 5 pm on Friday, 6th December 2019. The application form, containing additional application criteria and details, can be found here. Applicants will be informed of the committee’s decision by Friday, 20th December 2019.