RSC Atomic Spectroscopy Virtual Symposium ‘A is for Arsenic’ – 24 March 2021

The RSC Atomic Spectroscopy group is one of the RSC’s many interest groups, and one of its primary aims is to “support and promote the use of atomic spectroscopy within analytical chemistry”.

This meeting is the first of a series of virtual symposia to discuss current work and research in the area of atomic spectroscopy, while bringing together researchers from all career stages to discuss their current/recent projects. As the title suggests, the meeting will focus on the use of atomic spectroscopy in the analysis of arsenic. Anyone who has taken an introductory analytical chemistry course may remember reading about the importance of analytical techniques in identifying the scale of arsenic contamination in ground water across the world, so we are quite excited that they’ve chosen this as a starting point for their symposium series. Speakers at the virtual meeting include Prof Julian Tyson (UMass Amherst), Dr Debapriya Mondal (St George’s University, London, UK), Dr Laurie Savage (University of Aberdeen, UK) and Dr Jackie Morton (HSE Science and Research Centre, Buxton UK). Full details and registration links may be found here.